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Lentz® Guitar Testimonials

One year, while playing at a guitar show in Dallas, a friend handed me a Lentz strat. It was the first Lentz I had ever played. Now, I had brought my trusty, boutique super strat with me to play. This guitar had been my best friend for years, and the guitar I used on almost every gig. It had beaten every challenger I put up against it. But as soon as I played the Lentz, I didn't even like my guitar anymore. The Lentz was instantly my favorite strat I had ever played, and by a large margin. No boutique or vintage strat even came close to the tone and feel of that Lentz.

As soon as Monday came around, I ordered one. And after selling a couple of my guitars, a Lentz T-style guitar and a DL90 soon followed. When it comes to replicating-yet-improving vintage designs, I just don't think it's possible to do better than the two Scotts have done. Every one I've played is immaculately nasty... angry tonal beasts that have better necks, better craftsmanship, and just plain more tonal FILTH than the mass-produced guitars from the 50's and 60's, and more mojo than the other boutique F-style offerings on the market.

-- Mark Cuthbertson (Dara Maclean, Holly Tucker, Daystar)

Lentz® Guitar Testimonials

Scott - When you said on the phone that this particular build was one-in-a-thousand of the guitars that come from your workshop - you were not kidding. The guitar is a work of art! It is one of the most beautiful paint jobs I have ever seen on any instrument! I say this without hesitation and owning some of the best instruments in the world - modern, collectible & vintage.

The resonance and liveliness of the Ash body unplugged is palpable and not comparable to other high-end instruments to this degree. The neck is a masterpiece with a beauty that creates a perception of depth with an elegant simplicity in the detail. The clay type markers have a crispness around the edges. The fret work is superb with an impression that it was integral to the rosewood.

The balance of the sounds produced by the crispness and definition of the pickups when integrated with the neck and the body is so unique that the resulting sounds have a bell-like clarity that is exciting.

The custom hand-wound pickups with the vintage output – Front Alnico-5, 5.61k – Middle Alnico-5, 5.65k – Bridge Alnico-2, 10.00k; 43-gauge wire is so dynamic that it affects my mood and playing to such a degree that it is similar to when I get off my motorcycle and need to just take it all in and settle down. The bridge pickup is quite similar in grit and harmonics to my nocaster and allows an expression of emotions thru the input on the fretboard.

Congratulations on a great build!

-- Bob































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