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Lentz® Guitar Testimonials

When I moved to San Diego in 1984, one of the first things I knew I needed to do was find a good guitar builder and tech. The word on the street back then was that Scott Lentz was the best in Southern California, so I made a beeline to his shop.

Scott Lentz has been my go-to guitar guy ever since. Over the years, Scott and his son Scott Jr. have built two remarkable guitars for me, plus worked on all my vintage gear. Their work is impeccable, and they really care about their customers.

Whether you’re a working pro, a studio musician, or a serious player, you owe it to yourself — and to your music — to put Lentz Guitar at the very top of your list.

-- Peter Economy - Writer | Editor | Publisher

Lentz® Guitar Testimonials

I grew up in Southern California hearing about the legendary luthier, Scott Lentz, and I always wanted one his guitars. I finally got my chance when I landed a 6-year gig in the Navy band playing everything from funk to country to jazz to metal.

I've been using Lentz guitars to make a living on the road and in the studio since 2001. The tone, craftsmanship, playability, and customer service, leave the competition in the dust.

The thoughtful design of these instruments makes them far more versatile than similar models by other builders; I would need 4 guitars to cover what I can do with the 2 Lentz guitars I use on virtually every engagement. My only regret specific to these guitars is how many years it took me to buy back the one I foolishly sold when I thought I could replace it with something else. That buyer held me off for 3 years before finally caving in.

-- Randy Morser

Lentz® Guitar Testimonials

Scott - the guitar arrived safe and sound on Friday - thank you for the prompt shipment.

I'm sending an email so I make sure I capture all my thoughts. You guys nailed it on every front. Aesthetically, the guitar is stunning. The burst is done just right. The darkness of the Brazilian rosewood is just plain sexy. When I picked the guitar up from the case and strummed my first chord, I knew I was in for a treat. It just rings like a grand piano! I can feel the notes through the neck and body. And I'm very glad you talked me into the full depth of the neck; it just fills my hand so comfortably when grabbing chords. And, man, oh man, the pickups. I love how I can hear the nuances of each pickup and each position so distinctly. This is how a strat should sound!

Thank you guys for the awesome guitar and the superb service. You have just put my ideal strat into my hands.

-- Victor



































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