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Lentz® Guitar Testimonials

I always said - going to visit Scott’s shop was like a trip to Santa's Workshop.

When it came time to add a guitar to my home studio, I gifted myself with a Lentz.

For players, the extraordinary tone and feel of the guitar made it the perfect complement to great vintage names like Marshall, Vox, and Ludwig... the listeners... well, you know when a musician is happy... the audience is usually blown away!

A great time was had by all.

-- RD                                 










Lentz® Guitar Testimonials

Hi Scott and Scott! I wanted to write and thank you for my remarkable JR Reserve S style guitar. I’ve had my guitar now for a couple of months, and every time I take it out of the case to play, I am astonished at just how incredible it is. Having been a guitarist for more than 30 years, I can say that my guitar is the best S style I have ever played. Actually, I forget how good it is in the course of the day when I am not playing -- eating lunch, going for a bicycle ride, whatever -- and, when I come back to playing, I am in disbelief every single time!

The tone is SO full and rich, with incredible articulation and presence that captures every nuance of my playing, from the most delicate single note line to the most grand distorted power chord. It is such a wonderful thing to have an instrument capable of responding to my entire playing range, that fully transmits all my gestures to my amplifier. It is an S style electric guitar with the responsiveness of a world-class classical guitar.

I’ve built classical guitars and was a furniture maker so I have a pretty good understanding of wood, but, honestly, I don’t know how you do it. Most guitars are more than the sum of their parts, but this guitar is so much more that it defies my understanding of what an electric guitar is. It is a truly a magical instrument, and perhaps its best to say that my JR Reserve defines what a guitar can be at its absolute best.

As a musician, I am deeply thankful to you guys for your passion and mastery, and I also know that every time I play, there is a piece of you in my music.

-- M                             


























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