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Lentz® Guitar Testimonials

I got a Lentz S Style built for me back in 2012 by Scott Jr. and I can honestly say, it's the best guitar I've ever owned. This guitar literally pours out tone, rings like a bell, and sounds absolutely incredible in ALL 5 pickup positions. In terms of the feel, it's light, perfectly balanced, and feels absolutely sublime in the hand. The fit is awesome and finish is lush!

Thanks to Scott, I've finally found the guitar I've always wanted! Don't take my word for it though, try one, and you'll see. ;-)"

-- Lee, Make Learning Fun                               









Lentz® Guitar Testimonials

"I’ve been playing Lentz guitars since 2010. These guitars offer a pallet of tones that help me speak in my musical tongue. It’s important that an instrument doesn't fight you, but rather helps you, and my Lentz guitars guide me on my musical journeys.

My Lentz guitar is simply the most stunning guitar I've ever owned or played. Hands down, it hangs or kills any of the old ones... simple amazing! And, the bridge pickup is so damn good that its tough to remember to use the other positions!

If you want a guitar that you will love like a child, get a Lentz."

-- Pete Aleski, "The Curtis Mayflower"
and "The Music Levels Collective"                          











Lentz® Guitar Testimonials

"Mr. Scott Lentz built a maple-cap Strat-style guitar for me, and it is absolutely amazing. Every time I play the guitar, it occurs to me that it could not be improved in any way. It is truly that perfect. I cannot imagine a better Strat, and I am seriously convinced that it must be the best one on the planet.

Scott is a genius at what he does, which is selecting great pieces of wood and turning them into beautifully coherent musical instruments. His experience with guitars and knowledge of wood is profound. He does not simply cut out bodies and necks in the shape of a guitar and slap them together; he knows how the direction and pattern of the wood grain will affect the sound of the finished guitar, and determines where to make his cuts based on this. He also builds his own pickups, from scratch, and tailors them to the specific acoustic nature of your particular guitar. As a result, when you play a Lentz guitar, it sings with the most pure and organic voice. Scott is a true master luthier. His perfectly shaped guitar necks melt into your hand in a way that could never be achieved with a machine.

In addition to his woodworking skills, Scott is also the last word in world-class lacquer finishes. I cannot recommend Lentz Guitar highly enough. Scott creates magically sublime electric guitars representing the state-of-the-art in handmade musical instruments."

-- Ted       

















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